The Internet & Social Media for Teaching Professionals

The Internet & Social Media for Teaching Professionals NEW!!

I now have a package for all staff connected with your school.

The subject areas I can cover will include;

  • Responsibility and accountability for  Digital foot print as a Teaching professional. 
  • Social Media posts that may now be deemed inappropriate. 
  • Privacy settings and passwords.
  • Are staff discoverable on social media?
  •  Keeping personal photos, posts private on social media. 
  • Protecting school confidentiality.
  • Social Media Friendships
  • What to do I do if inappropriate posts are shared about me” by other people, including parents and staff.
  • How best to handle disclosures made by children.

·       I will show website links I have found helpful to set up privacy controls on their wifi through to social media once they are home to ensure they are on top of their privacy settings at all times.


My presentations can be adapted to the needs of your school. If you have had a particular concern in the way in which the staff are affected by social media, let me know at the time of booking and I will ensure more emphasis is paid to this area.

I am based in North Yorkshire.  Please see my About page to learn all about me.

Would you like a presentation to the parents & carers in school, if so, refer to Internet Safety for Parents and carers

If you would like further information please see my Contact details


Thank you Sarah