Internet Safety for Parents and carers


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My main strategy is to ensure parents are aware they do not have to be technical with media and computers to support their children online.  We will discover it is simply taking your parenting skills into their online world.  During my presentation we will cover together;

  • What is social media
  • Social media security controls
  • Your children’s future digital footprint for University and employment
  • Maintaining Social Media decorum
  • Managing Digital devices security controls
  • Parental Controls from the internet to gaming
  • Online Bullying
  • Web browsing safely
  • Child friendly search engines
  • Sexting and nude selfies
  • Teenage helplines
  • Confidence online
  • Where and how to get help if needed
  • The presentation will show you how once home you can find all the links you need to set up a mobile device, computers and understand together with your children what online rules suit your family.
  • I will show you websites to refer to once home, so there is no need to be concerned of learning everything in just one presentation.
  • In addition, everyone is more than welcome to contact me for any help needed.

My current parent presentation is approximately two hours along, this may extend slightly depending how enthusiastic question time is. If your establishment has a particular area of concern expressed by parents and carers, please do let me know at the time of booking and I will adapt this into my presentation.

The web and social media is ever evolving.  If you have a new area of concern expressed by children or parents,  I will do the research and bring along my findings to the presentation.

I am based in North Yorkshire.  Please see my About page to learn all about me.

Would you like a presentation to your primary, secondary, youth club or community group then please see Internet Safety for Schools

If you would like further information please see my Contact details

Thank you