Internet Safety

Parenting in a Digital World



Toddlers are using touch screens.  Young people now access the internet in an increasingly diverse number of ways, from phones, iPads, laptops and more. They are spending more and more time online.  The web provides a fantastic access to resources for homework and fun games.  However, children may come across content that is inappropriate or encounter cyber bullying.

Who are their friends online?

Who are they actually playing games with?

What is their Digital Footprint?




Social media is one of the main ways for young people to keep in touch with their friends. They share videos, photos and post comments online, sometimes without thinking about the consequences. They may be making friends with people they do not know.

I will show you that you do not need to be an expert on the internet to be able to talk to your children about internet safety.  Understanding your children’s digital world and the possible risks they may come across will help you to keep your child safe online.

I am able to bring your community group, school, youth centre or business a presentation on internet safety to help you understand internet safety and your children’s digital world. I am a mum of 3 boys with the last 13 years spent as a detective in CID. Please see my About page to share my background with you.

Internet Safety for Schools

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